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Ono mini-meccano

Wooden meccano for children and adults. All ono models are available in 2 options – as a set of details for self assembling and as a ready toy. Materials: birch plywood and natural hemp cord. Some models also include elements made of natural leather and bamboo.

Ono toys made with minimal finishing in order to save texture and allow tactile contact with natural wood. No lack or treatment used for manufacturing. The details are only gently polished in order to decrease the risk of splintering.

Despite all ono models are delivered ready for use it can be used as a base for further creativity. The segments can be painted, used for appliqué, pyrography etc. Ono segments also can be used to assemble any other pets not necessary the ones we propose – we offer some standard solutions but anyone can use their own creativity.

Ono meccano is tested by developer’s own child.