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The collection of lounge furniture made of recycled paper BIOSPHERA consists of a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. When developing the collection, the main attention was paid to the material itself – recycled paper.

For paper processing, we have created a full-cycle technological chain: from collecting and shredding waste paper to creating a finished mass and coloring, which allows us to make unique handmade items not only eco-friendly, but also affordable.

When creating the forms, we were inspired by the aesthetics of the Neolithic, plasticine animation and Soviet park furniture. The texture of objects on the one hand is designed to emphasize their massiveness and "stoniness", and on the other invites you to travel in the footsteps of bygone worlds and meanings: you can find particles of inscriptions, numbers, symbols in it. What they meant is no longer possible to determine exactly – it gives scope to imagination and gives the observer the joy of an archaeologist who has found a fragment of the material culture of the past, calling for interpretation and analysis.

All items in the BIOSPHERA collection have an internal frame, it is necessary to create the strength of furniture. The main target audience for the BIOSPHERA collection are restaurants and public spaces, as well as private connoisseurs of unusual and high-quality design, striving for conscious consumption and environmental protection.