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Bowl Atli M Hagen
Code: I0007
Price: 158€
Materials: broken bricks, concrete
Design: iM Studio
Total size: height 120 mm; width 300 mm
Weight: 5 kg

The new interior items collection by iM studio. The collection includes pendant and table lamps, bowls, vases and candleholders all fully made of broken bricks.

Despite the material brutality and it’s original condition the items are very cozy and homish. They can fit any interior styling not only loft and industrial.
Each object has powerful vitality which run the destruction and fills the items and the whole space around. Atli items include archetypical representation of destruction-creation cycles and claim the life salvation over the death.

Atli collection was first time shown in April 2015 at the opening of The Sense of Home project at State Russian Decorative Art Museum in Moscow. On May 17th Atli items and the workshop of im studio co-founder Ivan Khodyrev were shown in Fazenda program on The First Channel of Russian Television. You can see it here .

Fruit bowl from Atli collection was included in the set of items representing State Russian Decorative Art Museum at Intermuseum exhibition in Manezh in June 2015.

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