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Code: I0013
Price: 93€
Material: wood
Design: iM Studio
Size: up to 50 cm;

Wooden dandelions by iM Studio are available in 3 sizes:
Small: up to 50 cm - 7 000 RUR
Big: up to 2 m - 30 000 RUR
Very big: higher than 2 m - price is upon request

Our dandelions are installed in Gorky Park and on Khodynka Field. Dandelions were the title item at Big and Beautifull exhibition at Russian State Museum of Decorative Art in Nov 2015. They were the item drawn on the exibition showbill.

We use only dry twigs so no one tree suffered.

You can see the process of dandelions creation by Ivan Khodyrev in this issue of Fazenda Programm on The First Channel.

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You can also order a modification of this model adjusted according to you needs.

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