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Branches & Shadows # 2 Red
Code: N0002
Price: 164€
Materials: wood, cotton, metal framework
Design: iM Studio
Total size: height 630 mm; width 190 mm
Lampshade size: height 220 mm, width 190 mm
Weight: 0,86 kg
Lamp holder: E14 (mini)

Lamps made out of wood with textured, knitted fabric shades. Wood undergoes minimal processing and colouring, retaining the natural shape.The appearance of these lamps emphasizes the natural simplicity, ideally suited for the decoration of spaces intended to create an atmosphere of nature and sustainability.

This lamp is made from the abandoned Christmas tree which we found after the celebration.

In the daytime the lamp acts as an original element of the interior, whilst at night it presents pleasing unusual shadows.

All lamps form Branches & Shadows collection are hand made from cut or fallen branches we found. Lampshades are knitted from cotton or hemp cord. The lamps are 100% eco friendly and no one tree suffered when we made them.

Lamps from Branches and Shadows collection were presented on Russian and International exhibitions and published in design magazines. The workshop of making the floor lamp Branches and Shadows was broadcasted at Fazenda program on the First channel (15.02.2015). You can see it here .

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