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Yggdrasil Floor lamp
Code: T0002
Price: 474€
Materials: wood
Design: iM Studio
Size: height 840 mm; width 390 mm
Weight: 17 kg
Lamp holder: E27 (standard)

Massive floor lamps made of solid pieces of trunks.

It fills the space with a soft light reflected from the ceiling. The light spreads evenly throughout the whole room. The light intensity depends on the height of ceiling which works as a reflector. Holes, cracks and knots which emit side light give an additional charming to the lamps.

All lamps form Yggdrasil collection are hand made from fallen trees’ trunks. The lamps are 100% eco friendly and no one tree suffered when we made them.

Lamps from Yggdrasil collection were presented on Russian and International exhibitions and published in design magazines. Ivan Khodyrev became a prize winner of The Bright Ideas contest in 2015 for the creation of Yggdrasil lamp.

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